Dr. M. Scott Dawson Wins Top Honors

Dr M Scott Dawson

M. Scott Dawson, M.D., a board-certified cardiologist with Cooper and Inspira Cardiac Care, recently earned first place in the Saint Joseph’s University Pedro Arrupe Center’s Graduate Ethics Essay Competition. His writing focused on expanding access to elective angioplasties, a divisive topic in New Jersey.

His essay titled: New Jersey’s Ethical Dilemma: Restrictive Privileges for Elective Angioplasties, reviews the multiple factors that have led to the continued restrictions, and the benefits that would be realized if, the restrictions were lifted. Dawson’s paper was commended for the substance of its application of ethical concepts to the issue.

“As the region’s leading network of cardiology specialists, Cooper and Inspira Cardiac Care providers know that our care cannot stop at the patient’s bedside. With five of the eight counties in the Southern New Jersey region seriously lacking in patient access to elective angioplasty procedures, it’s up to us to advance the conversation on a patients moral and ethical right to receive the best care possible, in their community”. says Dr. Dawson. He continues, “My essay offers us all an opportunity to step back and evaluate the obligation each of us – patients, physicians, hospital systems and insurance providers alike – has to the success of our healthcare model. We are proud to be leading the way in both patient care and advocacy.”

The Saint Joseph’s Ethics Paper Competition is open to all graduate students at the university. Dr. Dawson, along with 13 other organizational leaders from Inspira Health, are currently enrolled in an Advanced Graduate Certificate Program in partnership with the Haub School of Business at Saint Joseph’s. In this program, executive students participate in six university courses as a part of the Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Marketing MBA track.

Read the award-winning essay by Dr. Dawson.

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